Lake Glenville

Lake Glenville NC

Lake Glenville October 1941

Dam of Lake Glenville 2014

View of dam of Lake Glenville 2014

Lake Glenville was built from about 1940 to 1941. It was created as part of the TVA (TN Valley Authority) project to provide electricity to rural areas. During the war it was used by Alcoa for part of the Manhattan project energy needs.

The entire valley had to be evacuated.  Families, cemeteries, a school and businesses had to relocate to the mountain sides so the area could be dammed and filled with water.  Some places depths go down to 300 feet.

Originally it was named Thorpe Reservoir for the president of Nantahala Power.  Nantahala was the original regulating authority over the lake’s power.  In 2002 the name was officially changed to Lake Glenville.

Today this breathtakingly beautiful lake is a enjoyed for its clean water, swimming, boating and fishing.   It still contributes to providing electricity as well.  There are two public boat access areas on the northern shore of the lake and a beautiful picnic area at “The Pines”.  The remainder of  the lakeshore serves many beautiful private homes.

It is the highest lake east of the Mississippi River at about 3400 feet elevation.  There’s 27 miles of shoreline and about 1500 acres of water surface.

Lake Glenville "The Pines"

Lake Glenville “the Pines” picnic area for the public.

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